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The Middleburg Fencing Club (MFC), is an uncoached club made up of foil and epee enthusiasts who wish to improve their conditioning and fencing skills through intensive skills practice, club training bouts and competition.

MFC meets once a week at the Middleburg Academy Gymnasium on Tuesdays from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. Beginner instruction takes place starting at 5:30.

Richard (right) displaying is first place Bronze medal (they ran out of Gold, apparently) at the Friends of DC Fencers Club Tournament
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Richard (2nd from left) enjoying the spoils of 3rd Place at the Richmond Fencing Club Veterans Day Epee Open

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Middleburg Fencing Club provides officiating at Middleburg Academy hosted tournaments
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Middleburg Fencing Club thanks the Middleburg Academy for hosting our club for it's third year.
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